Ford Engine Machining

Rottler’€™s automated cylinder hone

Rottler’€™s automated cylinder hone helps us to achieve identically perfect bores that measure to as low as .0001 concentricity and taper. The diamond abrasives and load sensing system make it easy to maintain this consistency block after block . With all cylinders being torque plate honed this adds up to better oil control, better power and longer engine life.

The tool we use to verify our bore finishes in each block to the left is owned by very few performance shops because of its expense. The Mitutoyo profilometer measures parameters such as RA, RZ, RVK, RPK, RK and more. One more way Panhandle Performance strives to be the best it can be.

RMC Line-Hone

All Panhandle Performance engine blocks are align honed on the mains as one of the first machining operations. This gives us a true main bearing bore and exact sizing for proper bearing clearances as well as allowing us to properly center all other machining procedures.

Serdi seat and guide machine

The Serdi seat and guide machine has been the industry standard for the last 20 years and our 3.0 large model follows that long tradition. The triple float head allows for fast and accurate centering of the machining head, which leads to extremely concentric valve seats. This is an advantage on Ford’€™s modular cylinder heads that have reduced stem diameters as well as traditional pushrod engines.

The Turner Technologies Crankshaft Balancer

This is our Computerized Crank Balancer. To balance a crank shaft, the harmonic balancer and flexplate or flywheel assembly are first installed on the crankshaft. The assembly is then mounted on the balancing machine. Special weights and sensors are then attached.

The machine spins the crankshaft to approximately 500 RPM while highly accurate sensors send crankshaft dynamics information to a computer program. This information is used to determine where material needs to be added to or removed from the crank to achieve optimal balance. Panhandle Performance first balances all individual parts to within a gram and then the rotating assembly is balanced to one gram or better. Internal balancing with mallory metal is available. We can sell you a fully balanced assembly or you can send us yours. Call for a quote. Pictured to the left is Mallory metal installed the proper way. Pictured right bottom, the Turner Technologies balancer software in action.

BHJ’s O-Ring Groove Cutter

BHJ’s O-Ring Groove Cutter is the solution for eliminating misalignment when cutting O-ring and receiver grooves. By using this specially designed cutter in conjunction with application-specific Register Plates, absolute alignment of the top and bottom grooves is insured. Use of the Cutter and O-Ring Register Plate gives excellent results when cutting grooves in the block and/or heads. This operation is typically necessary when using copper head gaskets with stainless steel wire, copper wire with an MLS gasket, diesel or Top Fuel “Fire Rings” and the Fel-Pro loc-wire head gaskets.

Engine Lathe, Bridgeport Style Lathe, and T&S Boring Mill

BHJ Lifter-tru fixture

This fixturing is mounted on our boring mill in order to accurately locate the lifter bores in relation to the camshaft, for over-sizing the lifter bores for a larger diameter lifter, or to install bronze bushings.

This is an SVO block after we have installed bronze bushings. We have also performed an oiling system modification that helps to balance the oil flow to the lifters.

RMC Powerstroke Cylinder Hone