The Four Horsemen of The 275 Radial Apocalypse

Brad Medlock, Daniel Pharris, Sean Lyon, and Terry Elam: Four guys you don’t want to see pulling in the parking lot if you race on a 275 radial tire. Any of the four has the capability to qualify number one, set a record, win the race, or all three. At the ORTC, SGMP, Lights Out 3 race, the four made it through the first round of eliminations in the Outlaw 275 and X-275 classes, just to face a rain out on Sunday.

The Winner of last Octobers Outlaw 275 race, Terry Elam, posted low ET and high MPH in the first round with a 4.61 @ 161.

Brad Medlock, racing both X275 and Outlaw 275 classes, qualified #3 and #5, and posted a 4.71 @ 154. This is the quickest and fastest pass by anyone in competition with the popular 88mm turbo.

Daniel Pharris flew through the first round of Outlaw 275 with a 4.65 @ 161.

X-275 regular, Sean Lyon, with the trusty 85mm Precision Turbo, was running like a bracket car posting a 4.84-151 first round win.

3 things all of these cars have in common: Mike Duffy chassis work, Precision’s Turbos, and Panhandle Performance engines.