Brandon Banfield 9.87 @ 136

Running 9’s with a naturally aspirated, 302 based, street/strip combination is not the easiest thing to do when it is being done in a stock style suspension 65 Mustang but Brandon is rowing gears with a 4-speed and doing just that. We usually reserve this section for our engine customers, but Brandon is an example of one of our customers that we work closely with by selling them all the parts for an existing combination we have been building and then he put it together himself. The results speak for themselves and Brandon now has a car that looks to be destined for the mid 9 second range.

Combination: 363 inch 8.2″ Dart block, Panhandle prepped AFR head, Panhandle Performance intake, custom Panhandle Performance solid roller cam. After putting the rotating assembly together with Scat parts and Ross pistons with Total Seal rings to our specs, we internally balanced the crank so Brandon could reliably turn the 8000 rpm needed to run the times he wants.