Mike Duffy / Marty Chance

You are looking at the new record holder in the Oklahoma true ten five (OTT5) Hot Street class. Mike set the record and finished in the runner up position his first time out, (beat up on a bunch of GM big block nitrous powered folks). He went out the next week and qualified number one in the MWSC Wild Street class in Noble Oklahoma and took the win with a string of low 5.20 passes down a slimy track. Mike is the owner of Mike Duffy Race Cars and knows a little something about getting these cars down the track when the surface is not perfect.

And he is just getting started

Marty Chance (of Neal Chance Racing Converters) is a good friend of Mike’s and teamed up with him on this project by supplying the car for testing converter combinations. We think Marty is just a nice guy and used that an excuse to get his buddy back in the driver’s seat.

Mike tunes the Panhandle Performance 412 inch, Victor headed, F1-R supercharged Windsor using a Gen-7 system and a bunch of experience.

Those looking for expert chassis work can give Mike a call at 405-790-0477. Serious inquiries only please.