Oklahoma True Ten-Five at the Throw-down in T-Town

With new Panhandle power up front, new MDRC rear suspension and only a couple of test passes under his belt, Brad Medlock laid down four 4.90 passes in a row to finish runner up in the OTT5 class. With a best of 4.92 @ 148.8 and the record to boot, the Chevy guys are crying the blues so loud that the turbo cars look to be banned from future events.

Brad’s Panhandle Performance engine is built with the extensive knowledge that has come from building, testing, and tuning record setting turbocharged small block Fords. The engine is equipped with a pair of proprietary D3 heads modified in the valvetrain region for stability with high spring pressures at 9000+ rpm along with many other specific tricks to optimize power for his application. It is not just the turbo.