For the May ORTC X275 race there was a rules change allowing up to a 94mm turbo so the Panhandle Crew bolted up their new billet wheel Precision turbo and headed to Valdosta with hopes of capturing 4.80 time slips and a win. After missing testing because of a need to change the torque converter and popping their only turbo on the first qualifying pass of 4.95 @ 148 due to an oil line being plugged, the crew was ready to load up a go home. With having secured the top qualifying spot it seemed like a tough break.

A big thanks goes out to fellow Panhandle Performance team member Terry Elam for loaning Sean his 94mm turbo. Terry had problems with his twin turbo combination and had decided to strap his old trusty 94 in place but, when he saw Sean’s need, he gave up the weekend by loaning it out instead. Thanks Terry for being such a class act!

The turbo was one of Precision’s older designs and it turned out to be tough to dial in the proper boost curve with so little time. A semi final round holeshot loss in an extremely close race 5.020 to a 5.021 has Lyon and the Panhandle crew vowing to be back, guns blazing, for the October SGMP/ORTC event.