Have you ever heard the saying “showing up with a knife to a gun fight?” Well, going into the first ever ORTC Extreme 275 radial race with their existing NMRA combination, that is exactly how Lyon and the Panhandle Performance crew felt. With rules that allow 700 inch, big chief headed big blocks running multiple stages of nitrous and 28 x 10.50 slicks, the little 353 inch 88 mm turbo’d small block Ford wearing Mickey Thompson 275 drag radials was way out gunned. In the end, after qualifying near the top of the 50+ car field and running a string of passes in the 4.90’s, the Panhandle car was the one to beat. In the semi finals Lyon was slow on the tree and lost on a hole shot to the eventual event winner and much slower car 4.92 to a 5.04.
Is this the quickest 1/8 mile pass with an 88mm turbo on radials?