Sean Lyon NMRA World Finals Win

Congratulations to Sean Lyon for his performance at the NMRA World finals in Bowling Green.  The competition in BFG drag radial has been tough all year but Sean and the Panhandle Performance crew finally put it all together. Their 7.958 @ 177.02 snagged the number one qualifying spot and the class record. Sean went on for the win against Jason Lee in the finals with a 7.972 @179.92 to Jason’s 7.973 @ 178.66.

Sean runs a Panhandle Performance 353 inch 8.2” deck engine and a Precision 85mm turbo. The car is maintained and tuned by Mark and Adam at Panhandle.

The suspension and car setup is credited to Mike Duffy Race Cars. Mike has done an outstanding job of giving Sean a car that has hooked up and gone straight all year. Thanks for all the help Mike!