Enzo Pecchini 5.03@144

Is this the quickest and fastest F1-R car in the country?

Enzo & the Lyon’s Custom Motorsports crew bolted on the M/T 325 radials, swapped the rear gear and went to do some 1/8 mile ORSCA racin’ in Montgomery. Using the same Panhandle Performance 342 inch engine and F1-R supercharger combination that was run in NMRA, some serious numbers got laid down. After their 5.03 @ 144 and a trip to the semi’s a 4 second pass seemed in order. With the weather getting better by the minute, a little too much power was put into the leave and with the wheels coming up a little too far, Enzo had to leave the chance of a 4 second pass for next year.

Congratulations to Enzo and Tim Lyons on a great 2009 season.